Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ahhhh Stress Relievers

No matter what you do, it's gonna happen. You will become stressed. For me, the simplest things stress me out. From waking up late, to big decisions in life, sometimes life can be hard to handle. One thing I do know, that despite all the bad things that happen in life, we have been given MANY things to make life amazing. We just have to utilize them.

Here's my stress relievers:

Feed the Birds
Stop and smell the roses (I really do)
Go on a long scooter ride
Take a bubble bath
literally dance in the rain
Talk and vent to a trusted friend
Watch a movie with someone you Love
Get out and Enjoy Nature (regardless of which season)
Run...and don't look back
Write in a journal
Lay in the Grass
Go to the Temple
Have a one song dance party...and dance your heart out
Plant a garden, or simply some flowers
Laugh until you cry...for no reason at all.

What are your stress relievers?

MJ :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

The New Kite Boarding..Yea Baby

Most of you woke this morning March 5, and felt mixed emotions of anger, sadness, and bitterness when realizing the skies had dumped fair amounts of snow, hence, erasing any signs of Spring that began to shine only yesterday morning.

I just smiled.

To me, snow brings happiness. Yes it is cold, but there are many things that I absolutely adore about it.

One being snowboarding.

Some of you may have heard about the a new sport called "Kite Boarding". It looks a little something like this:

Yes I would classify this as an extreme sport. I am sure it is thrilling. I am jealous. Wish I could try. But, for those not so extreme and lack such resources, compensation for this sport can be made.

And it looks something like this:

Hahaha. With some planning, we highly anticipated this moment. Only resource needed: a dollar ninja kite from Wal mart. Unfortunately, when we tried to board and fly the kite with the actual string, it resulted in diving to the ground each time. We still found a way. But still... I believe I turned many heads, and heard many pleasant and unpleasant remarks as I went down this run.

Regardless, it didn't matter. We had fun.

The White Ninja.And if only you could see up close, you would see my face of pure excitement.

Best part is.....Round 2 begins today:)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back to Blogging?

I have debated for days whether to return to the blogging world.

And yet I sit here typing.....which I assume means I have given in.

My reasons?

1. I work everyday, which involves sitting at a computer for hours and hours. Occasionaly, this leads me to slight madness. So after revisiting my blog, I found it had been deserted, while also looking quite pathetic. Solution? You guessed it.

2. Since I do sit at a computer, I find myself always reading my friend's blogs which helps me keep up with them in their crazy lives. Also, I have had a few requests that I should update my blog... and I find I agree, since there have been events in my life that exist ever since I have left Europe.

3. Lastly, I have an amazing friend, Jordan Lee who personalized my blog for me. Because of this reason alone, I decided it is better to use this gift then let it sit and rot away. Thanks Jord by the way=)

Plus, I am one who is constantly thinking. I think of everything from music, to crazy dreams of mine, from friends, laughter, love, unfortunate things.....anything about life. It'll be nice to get these things outta my head!

Basically, the things I write here are things I don't expect anyone to read. The things I write will be things I simply would like to write down, and hopefully can look back at and laugh at the things I come up with and think about. But... if your eyes ever do come upon this blog, I hope that you will find yourself laughing and learning, just like I am.