Friday, January 27, 2012

I can't get up....

I think my body has become part of this brown, L shaped couch. I mean, I've only been sitting here for 40 minutes, but the sensation of mental exhaustion and physical fatigue seems to be taking over. Just recapping the prior week almost does me over.

This week was Parent Teacher Conferences. An amazing thing as a teacher, but also requires 10 minute intervals to cram in all a student is doing, (I slowly became amazed at how my mouth continued to talk while my brain was drawing a blank) from 4-7:30 work day on top of the craziness of teaching.

Fridays are crazy as a teacher. Fun rewards and activities to give, kids anticipating the weekend....which means behavior becomes again, crazy. You must be on top of your game in order to survive Fridays.

Fridays after Parent Teacher Conferences....let's just say I am loving this brown couch right now.

My life has changed substantially in the past 6 months. I have a hard time even remembering the life I held 6 months ago. There are so many stories that should have been told, stories to still tell, and many more to come. Hence, why I am writing now (and also due to the fact that I am becoming a sloth here on this couch). I'm starting to appreciate my experience in teaching this year only to the stories that it gives for me to laugh about.

So as I sit here, hearing the buzz of reruns of the republican debate, (laughing at the intensity of the man speaking as spit flies from his mouth, and noticing how everyone seems to be asked to only wear things that consist of red, white, and blue,) I hope to share some of the times I needed to laugh in class and couldn't, or the times where I shouldn't have laughed and I did, and many more.

LIfe is about living. And if you don't write down what you live, it can easily be forgotten.