Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In school everyday, we have a 'good news' minute where 3-4 kids share the exciting things going on in their lives.

News generally is as follows:

"Today, my mom let me change my earrings into these new butterfly ones that I've wanted to wear since i was 5."

"My brother's friend is going to this new big blow up toy place"

"My dad let me play this teenager game where you shoot people and it's not aloud for anyone but teenagers. But my dad let me play it and it's really fun..... anyone can come play with me at my house sometime."

or even better,

"Miss Maughan is coming to have a sleep over at my house tonight!"

Well.....Great! At the beginning of the year, I got a kick out of all the 'exciting' things going on in my kids' lives. Now I am simply used to hearing about how exciting it is that someone's neighbor's brother is going to New York for the summer (seriously.)

It's a fact. Kids do say the darndest things.

However, lately, good news minute has turned into a "I have good news, funny news, and some bad news" from each student.

Examples of Bad News:

"My mom told me that I maybe can come to Miss Maughan's wedding"


"So and so doesn't want me to come to their house after school" .......sad.


So after hearing these types of news for over 100 days of school, I was a little shocked today by the news my students' shared with me. I can't even remember the 'good news' from today because I was so taken back by my kiddos and their bluntness in such serious matters.

Kid 1: "My Grandpa died of old age and of sickness yesterday morning. He lived in Provo."
Kid 2: "My good news is that my mom and dad gave me 40 dollars last night. And I am saving it now to give to my uncle because we found out he has cancer."
Kid 3: "My uncle just divorced my aunt and is now living in my house because she is stealing his house. It's kind of fun cause I love my uncle."
Kid 4: "Did you guys hear about the big wreck on 9th East? Well, that was my cousins. One won't stop bleeding and one's arm was ripped out of it's shoulder."
Kid 5: "The bad news is, well, look at me!" (This student had a serious injury and is casted and on crutches)
Kid 6: "Yesterday, my neighbors brand new baby stopped breathing. And guess what. She died."

I was stunned! My kids are so innocent in their ways of bringing up serious matters. It became very apparent to me how young these guys are, by their lack of understanding the seriousness of life's challenges. Definitely an eye opener as a teacher. I have a totally new perspective and vision of my students now. And you would think I would know them inside and out after all this time.

I aslo had a moment of realization of when my kids are dealing with these hard things, the only place they go is to school outside of family and their hardships. My role as a teacher has suddenly changed.

I love my job so much. Nothing has ever tested my patience as much, challenged me, and brought me to a breaking point. But, every second is worth it for those moments. Moments like today where you realize that you do have a lasting role in these kids' lives. I wouldn't rather spend my day with anyone else. Helping kids get through life is definitely enough for me- as small and unnoticed as it goes.

Happy Wednesday!