Monday, April 5, 2010

Welp about me!

My friend Jordan asked me to complete this survey she had recently completed. Since I have had nothing in particular to blog about lately, I decided I would do so! Yee haw!

Birthday: August 8, 1989
Birth Place: Camarillo, California
Height: 5'4''
Eye Color: simply brown:)
Hair Color: Auburn/reddish brown
Favorite Relatives: To me it seems rude to choose a "favorite" relative since all my relatives are family, and I am obliged to love them regardless of what they're like:) haha but in reality I love every single relative I have. I love my Maughan cousins, only because someone is guranteed to get hurt becuase of all the crazy things we do together. I love my Morris cousins because there are only a few of us so we are able to get together more often. I love my Grandma and Grandpa Morris, my Grandma and Grandpa Maughan, all of my dad's crazy brothers, and of course my immediate familia. I love my dad for who he is (if you know him you know what i mean) and my mother because she is my best friend. I love Scott because he is always there for me, I love Matt cuz I can relate to him and he lets me attempt to beat him up. And of course, I love my sister Kelsie because she is the sister I prayed to have as a 6 year old girl. So as for a favorite? There is not one. But I do absolutely love my cousins Kamry and Melanie. We are the closest in age and share some pretty good memories:)

Summer Memory: For the rest of my life I think my favorite Summer memory will have to be when I spent a summer in London/Europe. Extrordinary things happened there, and I felt like an extraordinary person. I was able to see the world and make unexpected friends. The memories that took place here are too many, and because of that reason alone it has become my favorite:)

Favorite TV Shows: Lost, 24, America's Next Top Model

What is on your Mouse Pad?: blue nothing

Favorite Game: Hmmm... Mario Party, Speed, Eygpitian Rat Screw, Big Booty (inside jokes)

Favorite Drink: Barqs Rootbeer! or Horchata

Favorite Color: definately purple

Favorite Sound: music. or birds in the morning

Favorite Smell: The smell of the pages of a new book

Worst Feeling in the World: Losing someone you love

Favorite Singer: Seriously? I don't have just one. but I will choose Celine Dion because she changes my life...everyday;) and i'm obsessed

Where will you be in 10 years: a mother of hopefully less than 3 kids, living in a foreign country(dream on), teaching music and in schools with a man i am still madly in love with.

First thoughts in the morning: Where am I? What day is it? Why did I sleep in an hour after my alarm went off? (haha this is soley because I am a deep sleeper and am disoriented for the first 30 mins I wake up)

Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate. duh.

What do you drive: white scoot scoot in the summer, blue '00 jetta elsewhere.

Thunderstorms cool or scary? I encourage them. I could spend hours in a thunderstorm. like them better than a sunny day.

Do you eat the stems of the broccoli? why not

Favorite brand of gum: Trident

Righty, Lefty, or both? Righty

Innie or Outie? outie

What color are the walls in you room: apartment room white. home room: various shades of pink and orange.

What is under your bed? my collection purses and my assortment of different tights. yoga mat.

Pets: I've had love birds, golden retrievers, border collies, brittany spaniel, fish, crabs, bunnies. currently my family has a little yappy pomeranian named Kota. He drives me nuts. But he is cute nontheless. The second I'm aloud to own a dog, I will buy a chocolate labrador.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas.

Favorite School Subject? humanities, music, math

Your lucky number is: 8

I'll eat sushi but not: olives, ketchup, meatloaf. yuck.

Hobbies: reading, tennis, friends, road trips, music, rock climbing, snowboarding, being outdoors.
Absolute must-have througout the day: chapstick. social event.

Rollercoasters-deadly or exciting: bring it on baby

Favorite stores: Urban Outfitters, Nordstroms

How many siblings do you have? 2 brothers, one sister.

Cool. Now you can say you know random facts about me:)